a very early attempt, from 1971, portrait of Michaelangelo. Oil on cardboard.

crayons on paper. 1972.

wax crayons and ink. 1983

watercolour. june 1975

watercolour. june 1975

watercolour on paper. 1985

oilcrayon on paper. 1985

Oil on canvas, 1975

watercolour on paper. 1983

Early works

Between 1977 and 1994 I lived in West Germany and my production was rather small. In 1980 till 1982 my paintings were very stiff and the colours were yellow, orange and red. Materials were oil and watercolour and I did sell some of my paintings.

oilcrayon on paper, 1983

oilcrayon on paper, 1983

ink on paper, 1984

gouache from 1987

I made this gouache in Germany in 1987 in Kiel.


This year I did some few smaller works, mostly watercoulor om fine paper.