Glimpse of the history behind my work

Pictures from Svendborg


me in my studio, smoking cigar and wearing my hat, which I still wear. at one of my first larger paintings. 1975

Working at a picture


The workingprocess ist still the same. Fast and concentarted.

new works

two new paintings waiting to be framed.  An evening in the cold January 2018, at home in Tureby.

in the "Gallery" at home in Tureby.

my good friend Preben B. Winther in his studio, with one of my paintings in the background. Next to him my brother Peder. 1975

The Poster for the exhibition  in 1975.


the artist group " AEON" also called the exeptionists whos members where Frans Bendixen, Preben Borggren Winther and I.

We had a show in Svendborg Kunstforening together.

udklip om PBW fra 1998

a huge painting by Preben B. Winther and me, from 1976. In the city hall garden in Svendborg



one of my most important friends and inspirators in the 1970s, Preben  Borggren Winther passed away in November last year.

In his and his wife Susanne Aasholm´s home many wonderful things happend. Painting sessions of great creative power and strong statements took place here.


I dedicate my picture project " Nassayan " to his memory in deep gratitude. 




" Nassayan " III

Galleri 104.

Carsten Døssings painting "Zambo 5"

In my home I used a large room as a showroom for art. It was facing the street directly, with large windows and therefore very suitable for art. We had it made usable with white walls, black ceiling and spotlights.

My friend Carsten Døssing shows his works here.

Carsten Døssings exhibition.

Govert Lund

This beautiful painting from 1975 shows the artist Govert Lund in self-portrait.  Govert who showed me many things and inspired me a lot, I managed to contact him again after almost 40 years. He is still the same inspirational painter as in those days and great is my joy knowing him.


Frank W. Wolff

My best advisor and critic. Always ready with good ideas and clear comments. A great support for my creativity.


Adam Johansen

A great artist himself,  in another discipline he gives my high inspiration. And he gave the title for my website.