my early exibhitions in my hometown Svendborg in the years 1976 - 1979 where in Svenborg Kunstforening, in Værtshuset 106  Møllergade, and in Galleri 104 ,

from here I have no photos.

my first exhibition since 1979

exhibition in november 2017 in Café North, Rosengården 14, Copenhagen

Other places.

I have one painting shown i Galleri Nørregade, 4600 Køge.

New exibhition ist planned in spring 2018 in Copenhagen.

I have an invitation to show my new works i Rosengården 14, Cafe North. 

On the wall again...

Again , a nice invitation from Bjarne Masrcussen enables me to show my works in public.



Thank you so much !

New exhibition March 3th 2018 in Copenhagen

My art project " INSIDE " will be shown in the café North, Rosengården 14,  DK 1174 Copenhagen.


Vernissage is March 3th, at 7 pm .


This project is about depth in space, physically as well as mentally.


Tunnel experience, the whale, the light in the distance.


New exhibition "Inside the Tunnel"

March 3th. 2018 in Café North, Rosengården 14, Copenhagen

Arabian words

my next exhibition "Arabian words" counting 14 or 15 paintings is ready to be shown, still missing the location, but for sure, it will be soon.

ready for exhibition

ready for exhibition