Works of Abu Adam

The Artist with 63 years of age, in his garden outside Copenhagen

Wir kehren zurück in das Schattenreich um Kraft und Inspiration zu gewinnen.....

Pieta. acrylic on canvas, 100 x 80 cm. DKK 10000,-

Ich glaube nicht, dass Kunst gefallen sollte, im Gegenteil: Kunst sollte die Menschen dazu bringen, ihre alltäglichen Einstellung anzuzweifeln.

Aus dem Schattenreich

Aus dem Schattenreich. chinese ink and watercolour on paper. 28 x 40 cm. DDK 1500,-

Die Farben des Lebens,

Arabian words.

"Faruq" acrylic and indian ink on canvas. 120 x 100 cm

Abstractions, in colour and black & white

Okellos hair. 100 x 80 cm. Privat.

Abstract painting

All my abstract works have emerged spontaneously.

Te Deum. 5 pieces together 100 x 180 cm. acrylic and ink on canvas. Private collection in Køge, Denmark.

acrylic on canvases 2 x 40 x 50 cm and 80 x 100 cm. "Back to the roots". DKK 10000,-

website for my painting and the stories behind. Written by me Walid Adam or Joergen Johansen. Welcome to take a look at my works.

me at my first exhibition since 1979

1975, a few days before my first exhibition in Svendborg

new works from this winter 2017-18, waiting to be shown.

two new gouaches, late evening in january 2018

about me

my name is Joergen Anton Seltz Johansen, but call myself the father of Adam - Abu Adam.  I was born in Svendborg, Denmark in 1954 where I spend my childhood and went to school .  Around 1967 I started painting.  Some of my friends Preben Winther and Franz Bendixen, Carsten Døssing and Anne Weber painted too and we arranged shows together at the local art gallery. 


Later I met other artists one of whome is Govert Lund . He has been of great  inpiration to me.


In 1977 I went to Germany, where I lived till 1994. During this period  I was not very  productive. Only in few periods 1984 and 1987 - 1989.  Mostly black and white drawings.


Back in Denmark I started painting again in 1998. 


2017 has been  a   very productive year to me and my lastest exhibition took place in October. My works can also be seen in small local galleries and in my home in Tureby near Copenhagen.

my inspiration.

my journeys have  been a  great source of inspiration to me. Especially Italy, La Provence and Lebanon, with its light, colours and peoples  seems to be very exciting to me.

Mediterranean  proximity puts my creativity to the boiling point and fills me with optimism and joy.

this can best  be seen in my  colourful " summer - paintings ".

Also great and maybe the greatest inspiration are the ones that I love: My partner and my son.

my very first oil painting

Oil on canvas 85 x 70 cm. Privat collection.

this painting  is called " wolf fenris " I painted it in 1975 as my first "real" painting. 

A selection of my works

My little gallery

At home I keep a small selection of my works. 

Otherwise my works can be seen in galleries.

Indian ink on paper. Private collection-

Triptycon. Acrylic on canvas,  210x90 cm.  Private collection.